Kathryn Q

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I thought what I was doing was harmless. It’s just a message on a little phone screen. I’ve done it a hundred times, and it’s always been fine. I had already swerved a couple times, but trust me I wasn’t worried. I thought I was invincible, nothing could happen to me. The reality of it? No one’s invincible, not even a teen. Who would have known? Maybe all those advertisements warning me, Saying, “Just leave it alone!” I guess I should have listened, I should have left it alone. This message on my phone, kept me from going home. How come this happened to me? I’ll never see my friends again, I’ll never see my family. I won’t be there for future weddings. I won’t be there for anything. The last thing I will ever see, Happens to be my phone in front of me. My phone with a message saying, “Drive safe, see you at home.” Home… why can’t I just go home?