Methods to Prevent Distracted Driving

Devin N

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Devin Newman Create Real Impact Contest Creative Writing Methods to Prevent Distracted Driving Reckless and distracted driving is a very serious and dangerous problem. To prove this point, some statistics are as follows: about 4,000 teens lose their lives in crashes each year, 50% of the people who lose their lives in collisions each year would still be alive if they had worn a seat belt, and at least 1 in 4 of all car collisions involve phone use. These causes can be reduced to result in less collisions with a few simple solutions. One solution is creating a piece of technology to install into a car that prevents the car from moving unless all passengers’ seat belts are fastened. This would limit the fatality of car crashes and ensure maximum safety for everyone in the car. Another solution is encouraging drivers to have chewing gum in their car at all times. The act of chewing gum can help keep a driver awake when they are tired and feel themselves falling asleep. Thus, driver alertness would be increased by this solution, and alertness is crucial in avoiding collisions. Requiring drivers to keep their phone in the car’s glove compartment can make it less convenient for drivers to touch or look at their phone. Less phone distractions will result in more focus on the road, leading to less collisions. One final solution would be for there to be a parent-child agreement regarding parents driving their teen drivers when the situation deems necessary. For example, if a teenager drives themselves to a friend’s party and feels drunk, tired or ill, the parent must agree to pick up the child no matter the time or circumstance. With this idea, the objective is to prevent teens who are not suitable to drive from driving. These teens would have taken the wheel and posed a threat to themselves and others. While reckless and distracted driving cannot be completely fixed, these solutions help decrease it. Creating a piece of technology to put into a car that prevents it from moving unless a seat belt is worn, encouraging drivers to chew gum when tired, requiring drivers to keep their cell phones in the glove compartment, and having a parent-child agreement for necessary rides are all valid ways of eliminating driving distractions and increasing driver alertness. As people become aware of the problem of reckless and distracted driving, more ideas and solutions will be put into use and the world will be safer from unnecessary collisions.