Reckless Driving Rap

Hampton R



Reckless Driving has taken lives from so many teens And you’re thinking it’s the cars, no it’s not the machines Teens are straight up textin while (their) driving on the road 1 in 4 of all collisions have included a phone Distracted driving can effect your life and others around From expensive med bills to 6-feet underground Teens are doing all this stuff that is kinda insane So there are somethings that are gonna have to change Your safety should be your number one concern So here are some rules that you need to learn NUMBER ONE A seat belt is key Strap it up, hear a click, this is for your safety NUMBER TWO Please put your phone away Doesn’t matter if it’s mom, dad, uncle, or your bae NUMBER THREE Keep an appropriate speed Or else you’ll get pulled over and that’s not what you need NUMBER FOUR Keep both eyes on the road! Check all of your mirrors even at a crossroad NUMBER FIVE Social media can wait Your life isn’t worth what your friend just ate NUMBER SIX Here let’s make a deal Keep within the speed limit and two hands on the wheel Doesn’t matter if it’s music or putting in a disc When you drive distracted everyone is at risk These rules and regulations are to keep you alive So heed my advice don’t be distracted while you drive Lyrics: Hampton Richards Music: Free Rap Beats Youtube Channel