Car Crash Resolutions

Natali G


A lot of reckless and distracting driving is caused by many things such as people texting and driving, using their phones for social media or other apps that people may use while they are driving, they may also be eating, doing their make up or other types of cosmetic fixes. They can also be going very fast at the same time as distracting themselves and can lead to even worse accidents. This causes a lot distractions and a lot of car crashes. In order to fix all of these issues, we need to be able to prevent people from reaching for the things that distract them the most. People should show others and be a model to them to not show how easily people can be distracted while they are driving. People can turn their phones off and out them either in their bags, put them in the trunk, or put them somewhere where they would not be able to reach it. For cosmetic fixes, they should get up early and leave on time and maybe they should try to find a way if they are not fully ready, they can go somewhere close to their destination and fix themselves up even more. They also should be going the speed limit and not going back in forth in lanes and if they drive too fast, they may not be paying attention to all their surroundings because they just want to get to their destinations.


I explain what can be done to prevent all the distractions that happen during driving and how one can actually be a role model or they can help others show the right ways of getting rid of those distractions. The phone can wait and do not wait to get ready at the last minute and then rush to get to your destination. Get ready on time, turn your phone off, get rid of any other distractions that are around you and do not drive any faster than you should be to get to where you need to get.