A Simple Deadly Mistake

Alexis M

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A simple mistake is all it takes. With a snap of a finger, one’s life could be gone with a bang. Wouldn’t it be horrible if you find yourself grieving over the death you had caused? Blindness is not only for those who cannot see colors. It counts for all who disregards other people’s lives for the sake of a special moment. A small peck on the cheek could wait. Your phone could wait. Alcohol should never really be consumed. A simple deadly mistake was made by many but we have the ability to adapt and to change our ways so the roads are much safer. Technology is advancing very fast, so it won’t be a surprise when self-driving cars come out to the market. However, what if there was a situation where a hacker got into all of the computers controlling those machines? The results will be disastrous if they wish to kill. Although self-driving cars would be more energy efficient, it is a deadly risk to take. Perhaps a more strict driving course should be required. As for the fake driving licenses, maybe there could be a way to change the way they look each year. That way, there would be fewer criminals, illegals, or even those who don’t know how to drive would have a hard time getting these fake licenses. Although it would be a bit expensive, it could possibly lower vehicle recks and purposeful killings with cars or trucks. Maybe there should also be a rule which states that one needs to have an updated license in order to buy any type of vehicle if there isn’t one already. Thank you for your time!