Put it down

Sophia B

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You learn about it in school, You see it on the billboards on the highway, Your parents always told you to put it down while driving. Did you listen to them? The New Years Eve party is tonight, You are rushing out of work to make it on time. You run out of work while checking your phone, 10 Snapchats, 3 texts, and 2 missed calls. You jump in the car, quickly buckling up and starting the engine. You’re driving down the road, going 15 over, All the sudden, your best friend snapchats you. You think you can open it and respond, while keeping your eyes on the road. You speed through the intersection, without noticing. You see the headlights and then hear a crash. You get out of the car and see the damage you did. The police show up to examine the collision. They take you away, and you come to terms with reality. You killed a family because you felt the need to answer your phone. Was it necessary? You realize you’ll be spending the night in jail, instead of at a party. Was it really worth it? You go to prison for accidental homicide. You go around to classes at schools telling them its not worth it. But, you got that talk and learned nothing. You teach them the consequences of texting while driving. They’re still not paying attention. You ask them how much they value their family and what would happen if they were killed by a distracted driver. Now you have their attention. You teach them that a text could take their lives away in a quick second. Now you have reached them. You teach them to put it down and turn it off.