If Only

Nicole A

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We were just kids Having fun, Blasting the radio, Laughing over the good times, Speeding down the freeway, Like we always do. Wind blowing in our hair, Singing along to the music. We thought nothing could go wrong. We thought we had forever. Just a few kids, Driving down the road, Thinking nothing could go wrong Oh, how wrong we were. If only we hadn’t blasted the music, If only I hadn’t been so distracted, If only my eyes had stayed on the road, If only that little notification On my phone Hadn’t caught my attention. That one split second Was all it took. Maybe then we wouldn’t have Hit that other car. Maybe then I would have Stopped at the red light. Maybe that family would still be here. Maybe we would be here, And all the heartbreak I see For all the families here today Would have been happy ones instead. If only I paid attention, Lowered the radio, Ignored that text, Slowed down. If only.