Madison T


The wind is blowing amongst my body. Such crisp and cool air. I have been waiting for summertime. The buzz and the beat of music is dancing in my ears. My wheels are sailing down the road. Each second that is soaring by is one step closer to my destination. The beat changes, and I look down at my phone. The sound of a text message. The blue light beams into my eyes. My eyes scan the message. The beat changes. Screeching, bangs, crunching. My wheels are spinning through the air. Each second that is soaring by is one step farther from my destination. I feel no wind, I feel no summertime. The beat stays the same, I arrive closer to my destination, the light does not beam into my eyes. The phone is off.


This is a poem about how an individual was on their way to an unspecified location, driving down the road and enjoying all that summertime had to offer. When the individual heard their phone go off with a text message, they crashed and they could no longer enjoy the cool breeze from the wind or the music that they were listening to. The beat represents different events happening and they sounds they hear while they are driving. The last beat is how to resolve being distracted by a phone while driving. The beat stays the same because the phone is shut off and they can enjoy the music and summertime.