Car Accidents and You

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Car accidents happen every single day. They occur because of careless drivers who focus their attention on something other than the road. An example of a distraction is a cell phone or food or messing with the radio or even having a conversation with someone else. All of these examples can lead to a travesty because humans have such a low attention span that all of these examples cause them to move their eyes away from the road. What you can do to stop this you may ask yourself, well one thing you can do is educate yourself. We should all be required to take a course that teaches us how to be responsible drivers. In my high school we had the class Driver’s Ed., which taught us all about driving and if we did not pass the class we did not get our pink slip to be able to get our permits. Classes like these should be required for everyone that way we can seperate the responsible drivers from the non responsible drivers. This class should be taught from the beginning of middle school until senior year in college because we need to constantly be reminding the young people about reckless driving and how it affects not only you but everyone around you. Most teenagers or young adults are the ones to be involved in reckless driving because they feel the need to be cool or fit in with the crowd that is why we should offer this class consecutively to always be informing the youth about responsible driving.