Mitchell S

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Distractions Imagine a long highway And you’re driving that highway The scenery is breathtaking Vistas that are priceless A place that most would love But you see nobody Nobody with you Nobody in the trees Nobody on the lake And nobody on the road Not one car has passed you Not a living soul around Then, your phone buzzes It’s your father Giving you a “where are you at” text You know better than to text him back while driving So you drive on For a minute or so when, He texts again This one worse than before Now you must reply You check all your mirrors Look behind to double check Put your knees on the wheel and quickly grab your phone You send the text very fast You put the phone down And keep driving A grin appears on your face A grin of pride Not five minutes pass when you feel hungry You remember the sandwich in the back You have a decision- to eat or to“die” The pain of hunger wins You check all you mirrors And look behind to double check The grab for the sandwich is a cinch You then drive with your knees The ham and cheese was satisfying You grin again This time bigger with more pride Then out of nowhere a cow A regular old cow In the middle of the road You try for the brakes But it’s too late No matter how big the vehicle When that cow hits your bumper it will take that grin off your face All your pride gone But you weren’t distracted You had just finished your sandwich You weren’t texting your dad You weren’t gazing at the vistas It doesn’t matter the distraction If your attention is not solely on the road You are distracted