Did you Remember to Look?

Mckenzie S

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Did you Remember to Look? “Oh sir! Sir wait please! Won’t you come and sit with me? It will only be for a moment. I look into your eyes and see what you think you ought to do. . . For I had looked into those familiar eyes through the reflection of the mirror. . . Oh sir! He was admirable, ambitious, amiable, they said Oh sir! He was sophisticated, sincere, salient, they said Oh sir! He was independent, insightful, intelligent. . They all said Oh sir how did such an intelligent mind uncover such an unintelligent end? It was night It was dark It was late It was a short drive It was familiar It was dangerously past curfew. . . We were almost home, me and the one I made all the memories with. . . We passed the same playground, the same stop sign, same shed, same little old rusty playground. . . Then those same old railroad tracks Same old tracks I passed all the time Same all tracks I never had to stop at Home was so close-if I could just get there a little sooner. . . So I let my foot down a little harder on the gas barely giving a glance out the window. . . barely giving a second thought. . .I didn’t need to look But I looked up when the horn struck me death Oh sir! But I looked into his eyes for a fraction of a second Oh sir I looked when I saw him draw his final breath If only I had looked both ways before. . . Oh my dear sir please look right and left before passing, not once, not twice, but thrice if you must Look before crossing the intersection Look when at the stop sign Look when changing lanes Look when making a left-hand turn! Look into those eyes at the crosswalk Look for the children playing in the street Not once, not twice, but thrice! Oh sir! Look into your mother’s worried face and heart when she whispers “drive safe” Look into the depth of your father’s experience when he says “be careful on the road” Look into the words of your trusted peers so they don’t end up in tears. . . To express the inexpressible painless pain one cannot describe, but I ensure you it hurts the most. . . So please, please good sir, promise me you will remember to look both ways with profundity before crossing onto the path you wish to go down. . .”