Three Words

Lena W

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Three Words She said that she would not speak Would not care if I left her. As I watch her crying now, I wonder if she’s sorry The text I sent was for her I sent three overused words Praying for her forgiveness. Driving home from work that day My mind was anywhere but the road I saw before me Snowflakes blinding my vision, but I was dying to speak To text those three words with love. She was as cold as the snow. I was a good driver, right? Could I look away one time? But when my eyes looked again, they locked with eyes of a deer So I spun my wheel around Sliding on the ice like her Tumbling over the hill Glass pieces inside my eyes Yet suddenly I could see My breath escaped me once more One. Two. Three. Just like the words As the pain seemed to leave me, I broke free of my body, realizing I lost my life. For three words that meant nothing. Three words that meant everything. I went to see family, Watched them break before my eyes Friends that tried to remain strong Would I linger with them now? I cried out, trying to speak, explain I did not intend. This was not to be my fate! When she realized that those words that took me away from here, were meant for her….she crumbled She had always seemed so strong I reached out my hand trying to ease her pain a little, But to her I was not there. I could not say anything. Not even those poor three words. In another dimension, Could I have waited to send? Gotten a chance to say bye? Watching them suffer is not how I imagined goodbye How I long to touch their hands, to speak more than enough words, right all of my wrongs and do all things that made me regret I should have put down the phone Watched the creatures of the night Jumping out in front of me Turned the music down lower Just taken a few minutes Escape my internal thoughts For that five minute drive home Why did I not wait it out? Now I see shattering hearts because I was impatient. It was only those three words.