Lost One (life)

Jayden R


It’s funny how driving can change a situation Miscommunication while driving creates a complication My life that I almost lost does not fit your equation I learned to put my phone down while you texting everyone under God’s creation Some choose to ignore their parents while acting and playing dumb But remember to be conscious because losing your life isn’t fun Live a safe life because you only live one Everything you tryna text is not worth losing one (life) I almost lost my life over a simple conversation A group face time call is not even worth the temptation Think of all the lost ones you would leave behind due to separation Experience the pain of a text and drive accident and realize the pain has just begun. You might send some but you just lost one


You might send some but you just lost one. We can all admit that texting and driving at times may sound a bit tempting. Despite feeling the sudden urge to respond to text messages, the risks of losing your life due to a simple conversation is not worth it. In this writing entry, I used my inspiration from Lauryn Hill to express in a creative format the message that texting while driving is not worth losing your life especially leaving loved ones behind.