Put on your seat belt

Berkley P

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Put on your seat belt. Put on your seat belt Why didn’t I just say those 5 simple words? It could have been so easy. I did it to save myself from what I thought would bring me shame. But instead it brought him something so much worse. I didn’t want to seem kiddish. Put on your seat belt. I will just drive careful I thought. Nothing will happen. He will think I am dumb for making him wear a seat belt. It happened so fast. The car hit straight on giving me no time to react Drive safe I had thought I guess I didn’t think about if others would do the same I knew I should have told him to buckle up. But it was too late. Put on your seat belt. Instant regret flooded my thoughts He was gone. Blood and glass showered the car Through the crunching and rolling my seat belt had held me in. But where was he? Put on your seat belt He was gone It was all my fault To save my pride I had killed someone else It would have been so easy All because I couldn’t say 5 simple words Put on your seat belt.