Making An Impact

Kaylee D

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Imagine being safe to drive and nothing will risk your life. Making an impact on the world is a tremendous thing to do. You can impact in your everyday life. The impact that I want to imply is being careful on the roads. There can be many distractions that can happen while driving. To name a few distractions: cell phones, friends and feeling tired. Many teens are injured or even killed by these distractions. People can change that. Why do people text and drive? It doesn’t do them any good to do so. I have had friends that have been hurt and in a car crash because of people that text and drive on the road. I want to make an impact in the world by helping people buckle up and drive safe. The first reason why I want to impact the world is to help people survive car crashes. People that want to impact the world can only help a little bit. Not everyone is going to stop bringing friends in the car and driving or talking on their cell phones. Why would you want to do those things if you know it can distract and hurt people as well as yourself? Just another precaution is to wear your seatbelt. Wearing your seatbelt can save your life. Just that three second thing can save your future. To add more impact in the world, people need to focus and not get distracted. I am going to share a story. I have seen a crash happen because the person was talking on the phone. This woman was right to the side of our car, and she was talking on the phone and started to swerve into another lane. Later on, she got in a crash, and it was scary for her. Many things that go wrong, like you run into someone or something, is because of a distraction. Don’t be a distraction to others and don’t let objects be a distraction for you. First, people think that it is okay to use a cell phone while driving but people don’t understand that it can be hazardous. Be Careful on the road. Some people don’t put their seatbelts on because it takes too long to put it on. Maybe it hurts them to leave it on or it gives them a rash. Whatever the case is, it is easier to take the second to put it on or buy something so it won’t hurt to leave it on because those little requirements can save your life. I would rather have my life than to be bugged by a seatbelt. Don’t be the one to ruin someone’s life either. Drive safe and don’t get on your phone or let others influence your driving. To sum it up, making an impact can have a positive outcome in someone’s life. I am trying to promote people and especially teens to not have a distraction in the car. It can be very complicated for people to stay off of their phones and watch the road at all times. Also, make sure to wear your seatbelt because that could also save your life. Don’t drive stupid. Make sure you don’t have any distractions in the car.