Not Worth It


From the moment we met, I knew we would be best friends forever I remember the day you got your license, I posted a picture of us together “Happy Birthday to my best friend, and everyone else get off the road!” it read Little did I know that today I would be reflecting on those words that I had said You hear about fatal car crashes and tragedies seemingly almost every day Yet, you never consider that the story on the news could be you one day Our generation, is a very sharing one, which could be good or bad It’s like we can’t live without showing the world everything we have We are addicted to our phones and our social media outlets However, it would do us some good if we would only sit back and reflect About 11 teenagers die every day in collisions That’s about 4000 teenagers dead every year And at least 25% of all car collisions involves phone use … You never imagine someone close to you becoming a statistic At first them being gone doesn’t even seem realistic Death shouldn’t be something we have to concern ourselves with until we’re old and gray Regardless, in today’s world, we have to anyway Some of these deaths and collisions could be prevented if we all put our phones down Is it really that necessary to send a snapchat while we’re driving around? My best friend, you drove me countless times while using your phone I never imagined that that little device would be the reason your gone I miss you more than words can describe and if I could only go back in time… I would I would tell you to put the phone down because No text is worth losing your life No snapchat is worth you running that red light No selfie is worth the pain that your friends and family feel because you’re no longer here You died before you barely got the chance to live Your future was so bright but now its been dimmed I can only hope that out of this tragedy More people’s eyes have been opened to see Using your phone while driving? It’s not worth it By: Adianna Alston


As a teenager in high school, I often get rides from my friends. It is not unusual for them to use their phones. I have never lost anyone due to phone use while driving, however I have seen near death experiences first hand. Not only have I seen car crashes occur right in front of me, but I myself was almost hit a distracted driver. I was crossing the street and a car came barreling out of no where clearly distracted by their phone. My mom happened to be there and blew her horn which made the car stop in time. I called my mom shortly after and she was crying hysterically. It bothered me more to see how the incident had affected her rather than the fact I could have been seriously been hurt or even killed. As I wrote this poem, I thought of my friends and how I would feel if they lost their lives due to cellphone use.