It’s Not Just About You

Neema M


The wheels are spinning round You hear the ringing sound Of your cell phone The one you love is texting You can’t focus on the road Now the one they love is resting Six feet under the stone You gave them a negative impact But your car stays selfishly intact You may have left without a scar But oh You’ve left that family scared They had a future They were in fond memories They had dreams to chase All torn apart cause you replied With such haste Now someone’s son, Brother, Daughter, Mother, Best friend, is gone All because You left the ringer on


My poem is about the negative impact your distracted driving could have on someone else. A lot of people think that by texting and driving they are only jeopardizing their own safety but that is simply false. When driving while being distracted in any way you are not only putting yourself in danger but everyone else around you as well. One irresponsible action while on the road can change the life of someone who was being responsible, them and their family and friends lives could completely change. So when driving, think of not just yourself, but be responsible for you, and everyone around you’s sake,