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Katherine H

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The moment that I decided that I would never text and drive was when my life flashed before my eyes; it was the moment in which everything changed. I was in the seventh grade when I was in a serious car accident. My mother was driving the two of us home when a young girl pulled out right in front of us. My mom couldn’t stop in time to prevent the crash; there was nothing she could do. There were numerous injuries to all parties involved. One of the passengers from the other car involved was projected out of the car through the windshield. He had several serious injuries, and he had to have his face completely reconstructed. The young driver got trapped in the car, and firefighters had to cut the car in order to get her out. She was injured so badly that they had to life flight her, but she died before the helicopter got to the hospital. My mom had a crushed ankle and back and neck injuries. She still has difficulties to this day, seven years later. I and another passenger from the other car were among the lucky ones because we had minor injuries that could heal. I had hip injuries and the other passenger had a broken collarbone. The young driver of the other car was using her phone while she was driving. Even one second of texting or checking a message could end a life. That is why I refuse to use my phone while I am driving. Knowing that this accident could have been prevented, had the girl not used her phone, gives me motivation not to use mine. It also motivates me to persuade others not to use their phones while driving. Some people think that texting and driving isn’t dangerous because they claim they are safe drivers. Contrary to their beliefs, texting and driving is extremely dangerous no matter how safe the driver is. Anything could happen to cause an accident at any given time. That is why it is important to remain focused on driving at all times. Texting is not the only distraction for drivers. Passengers, eating while driving, and music can also be distractions. That is why it is so important to eliminate as many diversions as possible for the safety of all drivers and pedestrians. This includes, but is not limited to, looking for pedestrians, animals, changing road conditions, obstacles, and other drivers. Avoiding distracted drivers has saved my life numerous times, and it could save the lives of so many others if drivers stop being distracted. Every time I choose not to use my phone or encourage someone else not to use theirs is a moment that I choose to save a life. When I drive a car, my life, the lives of my passengers, and the lives of everyone else on the roads are in my hands. I am held responsible for my actions and inactions. Not only am I saving a life by not texting and driving, but I am also preventing families and friends from having to go through the grief of losing someone they love. This is why I pledge not to text and drive. This is why others should be encouraged not to text and drive. In order to do this, we have to stress to drivers how lethal driving can be.