I have a solution, I have a solution but it may not be much But if we all help out it might just workout. We rush to get behind the wheel just to get To a destination, We don’t think about the people We think about our location. When we drive, we have The lives of millions of people on our hands, If we mess up behind the wheel we are risking The lives of others. But I have a solution, It’s something that can be done with just a little Common sense, a little self awareness and just some Genuine care. Let’s start by putting our phones down and paying attention To the road, once the phone rings don’t pick up the phone. Texting while driving is against the law, any use of a device Is not allowed, why risk the life of others just to send a laughing emoji I have a solution and starts like this, put your phone on silence And ignore your calls, if you need to answer it pull over on the Road. You are distracted a phone call that can determine the life of another Ask yourself when you enter your vehicle, “Is my seatbelt on?” “Is my phone on silence?” “Am I calm?”


This spoken word, poetry was written to raise awareness around reckless and distracted drivers. I have watched my family and I suffer from a lost because of such and I don’t want it to happen to anyone else . As a society we should be able to come together and change statistics. I believe that just because a reward is at the end of this doesn’t mean we should stop using out voices to educate everyone on how important this is. Lets continue to change the world one step at a time.