Hermano drive properly

Jonathan S


Hey, Hermano can you turn down the music? you know that high music is a big distraction, it is never worth hearing the top played music while you are driving, tell me is music worth your life, or do you think that all those artists will help you in a car accident, answer me, and not only music is a huge distraction, also your phone is a big distraction, can’t you wait to text your friends, do you really have to do it while you are driving, is it worth it answering immediately?, is a text or a call more valuable than your life?, also you don’t have to drive too fast, there is a speed limit for something, you know how the old saying goes “mas vale tarde que nunca”, it is not worth driving too fast, what about if you crash, and then the phrase “if I only had” will not count anymore, so next time when you are driving you can turn off the music and your phone and drive at the speed that is posted at the speed limit.


This writting is about my self telling my younger brother what he can’t do while he is driving and that everything has a consequense.