Trust in Yourself and In Others

Margaret R

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We’ve seen the horrors. Become desensitized. Flashes of crashes and visions of collisions bombard us every day. Nothing is truly scary anymore. So how are we supposed to scare each other into driving safely when everyone has seen the warnings and seen the evidence? It’s not like we’re stupid. We’re not trying to get into accidents. That’s why it’s called an accident. No one gets into their vehicle hoping to ram into another innocent person. So how are we supposed to beg each other to drive safely when we’re all intrinsically trying to save our lives? For some people, it’s easy to ignore your phone or the radio or your friend talking. For some people, these distractions add up. The only way to withstand these temptations (barring becoming an automaton that can focus completely on one goal at a time) is to lessen them. Turn the radio down. Put your phone where you can’t see it glow or feel it vibrate. Tell your friend to help you navigate. Trust that they will listen. Do everything you can to drive safely. Because I promise you, those dramatic reproductions that you were forced to sit through in Driver’s Ed cannot come close to the experience of a real accident. No matter what we might say, nothing we do will prepare you unless you take responsibility. Trust yourself to be cautious. Drive safe, for the humans sharing the road if not for yourself. Driving is a show of trust from everyone on the road, every person relying on the others to watch what they are doing. Keep to yourself, follow the rules, make it easier to survive, Everything else can wait until you have parked. You’re not an idiot. So don’t drive like one.