Hands at 10 and 2

Alyssa Y


1:24 pm, I walk out of my house. I close the door. Get in the car, start the car. No, seat belt first. start the car. Check your mirrors, check your blind spot, check your mirrors again. Hands at 10 and 2. Reverse out of the driveway. Drive. There’s a stop sign at the end of my street. Stop. *DING* I glance down, “Have you left yet?”. With my foot on the break I quickly reply “otw now”. Return to 10 and 2. Look left, look right, look left again, look right again. Drive. I’m about to merge on the highway. I yield to the cars in front of me. I drive. *DING* Keep merging. *DING* Check your mirrors. *DING* I’m good right? *DING* I leave one hand at 10 and grab my phone with the other. It slips to 9:30, 9, 8:30. I’m still merging. *sent 1:32 pm* Hands back to 10 and 2. Am I still merging? You’re drifting out of your lane. Check your blind spot. There they are. Turn the wheel, get out of their lane. Too hard. Low shoulder. Turn the wheel. Too hard again. Hold the wheel. 10 and 2. There’s that car again. *DING* Don’t look down. 10 and 2. That car is trying to pass. *DING* Don’t look down *DING* I grab it. 9:30, 9, 8:30, 8. I look down. They must’ve passed me by now. I’m good *sent 1:33 pm* I look up again. I’m not good. I can’t get back to 10 and 2. It’s either the other car or the ditch. I’m not good. Hold the wheel. Get back your lane. Don’t hit the car. Don’t go in the ditch. Don’t hit the ca- *tires screeching* *metal crashing* *DING*


Driving is a privilege and a big responsibility. There is a reason we have to take classes and tests in order to operate motor vehicles. However, it is no one’s responsibility but our own to keep our hands off our phones while we drive. While technology is a blessing to us, we must maintain self control over our impulses to check our phones while we drive. Distracted driving is the number one killer of teens in our country. We must keep our teens educated and disciplined not to use their devices while they drive. It is important to know that cars are a privilege, phones are a privilege, and teen drivers must take the responsibility to maintain self control over their devices and drive without distractions.