When We Look Away

Michael R

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We all have dreams. We all have futures. We all have an impact on others. We will all do great things that change the lives of others. Unless we look away. We look away from the road and our future disappears. Picture in your mind someone who has had a large impact in the lives of others. It can be a celebrity, a president, a leader, a family member, anyone. Now erase everything they did after their teenage years. That is what we do when we look away. We are the future celebrities, the future presidents, the future leaders, the future family members. Teens die every day because of texting and driving. But that won’t be you will it. That won’t be you because you are a good driver. You are capable of texting and driving. That would never happen to you. You are better than that. It happens to others but not you. That is what I thought until I went in the ditch. I knew the consequences. I knew what could happen. But I was a good driver. I am better than that. Those things only happen to other people. That would never happen to me. And then it did. Because I looked away. I was five feet away from a pole. Five feet away from erasing my future. I was lucky. I was given a second chance. Don’t rely on a second chance. Don’t look away.