Movie Night

D'shantell R

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BING BING My phone vibrates. I stop at a red light. My phone flashes again … Maybe I should send one text It won’t hurt anyone Will it? The phone flashes again As I reach for my phone … White That’s all I see Tubes coming into my body Flowers in the corner Purple bruises covering my pale, skinny body Tears come to my eyes as I try to remember what happened last … “Open text” I tell the Bluetooth system in my car “Best Friend B: You coming over tonight or not?” “Best Friend B: We are waiting so we can watch Harry Potter.” “Best Friend B: GIRL!!” The voice says back. “Text Best Friend B: Going right now, Calm down bestie. Don’t start the movie without me!” The voice repeats what I said. “Send” I say, “Sent” … The light is now green and I head towards her house