Movie Night

D'shantell R


BING BING My phone vibrates. I stop at a red light. My phone flashes again … Maybe I should send one text It won’t hurt anyone Will it? The phone flashes again As I reach for my phone … White That’s all I see Tubes coming into my body Flowers in the corner Purple bruises covering my pale, skinny body Tears come to my eyes as I try to remember what happened last … “Open text” I tell the Bluetooth system in my car “Best Friend B: You coming over tonight or not?” “Best Friend B: We are waiting so we can watch Harry Potter.” “Best Friend B: GIRL!!” The voice says back. “Text Best Friend B: Going right now, Calm down bestie. Don’t start the movie without me!” The voice repeats what I said. “Send” I say, “Sent” … The light is now green and I head towards her house


A girl is driving when she receives a text on her phone. As she stops at a red light she receives another text. She thinks that nothing is going to happen to her seeing how she is at a red light. She is close to grabbing her phone when she is thrown in to a vision of herself in the hospital. She looks down at her body and tries to remember what happened. How did she get in there? She is then thrown back into the present and tells the Bluetooth system to open the texts that were sent. She then tells the Bluetooth system what to text back. Then the light turns green and she heads to her best friend’s house for a movie night.