Eyes “children remember what you teach them”

Leah W


she was 16 i was 6 shes my big sis shes the reason i move how i move why i am who i am shed take me for rides i loved those times my wide eyes remember so clearly “you have your seatbelt on?”, shed ask thats what she taught me safety she was 16 i was 6 my tired eyes remember so clearly “your sister was in a car crash” “is she ok?” is all i could ask from the car to the ER felt like decades my fearful eyes remember so clearly all the hurt people and nurses coming to their aid there she was 16 i was 6 the only thing new about her was a scar above her left eye i asked her, trying not to cry “did you have your seatbelt on?” she said “of course, thats what kept me alive”.


When I was 6 years old, my older sister was involved in a car crash, The crash was not fatal but based on the impact she was blessed to be alive. I remember how scared my family was because we did not know if she was hurt really badly or not. We were relieved when we saw that she walked away with only a scar. My sister has been a pivotal part of my life and I’m grateful to have her. She always makes sure I have on my seat belt because that is what she was taught. What if she wasn’t taught that safety? That night could have turned out very differently. That one action of buckling up a seat belt could have changed the trajectory of my family. However, I am thankful that my eyes recognized and implemented the safe habits of my big sister.