Mother Knows Best

Kahler S

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“Mom, may I borrow the car To go out with some friends tonight? I promise you that I’ll drive safe And be back before it’s light.” “Child, please know that it’s for my sake That I say stay home and rest. I don’t want you driving so late at night; Sorry, Mother knows best.” “Mom- how can you be so unreasonable And ask me to stay? I’ve already promised all my friends That I’d go out with them today.” “Listen-my beautiful child, Please don’t misbehave. With so many distractions calling you I would save you from the grave.” With a huff and turn of red she went Stomping on every stair. Relieved-Mother watched her go, Tears hidden by crimson hair. But later through the sleeping house- Her phone clutched to her breast. She climbed through the upstairs window And though “Humph- Mother knows best.” With eyes anchored to the screen She drove away at a mad pace. “DING!” -She smiled at her friend’s response- It was the last smile to grace her face. Green-Yellow-Red. . .”Wait red?” She gave her victim such a fright. The sick crunch of metal- then silence- Felt as cold as the night. Looking down at a killer’s hands Her crime couldn’t be more stressed. Abjectly- Amidst tears she judged, “Perhaps, mother does know best.”