Just a second

Clarissa G


Just a couple seconds. Seconds? That’s how long it takes. For? To change a life. To take a turn for the worst. Oh? Of course, but… That would never happen to me! No— Of course, not. I’m more skilled than them. I can multi-task better than them. They simply weren’t trying enough. I mean… its only a text. A snap. A tweet. I couldn’t possibly… I didn’t mean it, mom. I swear, it was an accident. I never thought that this could happen, That this would happen. No. No. No. Not to me… Of course, not to me. It couldn’t have possibly been me. But… Of course. That would never happen to me.


This poem captures things I’ve heard in defense of distracted driving. I wanted to capture the idea that everyone thinks, “It won’t happen to me”. When in reality, distracted driving that results in varying negative repercussions could happen to anyone and in the blink of an eye. The first step to changing this culture of distracted driving is awareness of the issue and how simple the solution is.