Why Are You Driving Like You Don’t Plan On Arriving?

Danielle S

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The consequences are real. It is not the same as being sent to your room once you finish your meal. The outcomes are permanent; They can be mental and physical impairment. If you are planning on arriving, You shouldn’t be texting and driving. It is not just your life at risk. It is a mother who now has a herniated disk. It is a grandfather who has broken an arm and is battered and bruised. It is a child who is on life support in the ICU. It is your friend on crutches that was sitting in the front seat Counting the trees that lined the street. It is you who can never drive again, All because you had to text your friend. These stories are devasting but true, And they can be a thing of the past because change starts with you. Airplane mode is a driver’s best friend, You will forget about your phone until your trips end. The glove box is a safe place for your phone to silently rest, You can pay attention to the roads of the Midwest. Directions are an easy task, Start your car after you start your maps. Pass yourself the aux and start your “driving playlist” So you don’t have to worry about which song to play next. Siri can stay out of reach, As you listen to her guide you to the beach. Make texting and driving the wrong thing to do, Tell your friend your life is on the line too.