The Real Impact on Texting While Driving

Jenny A

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Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of death in America. At the rate that we see, distracted driving will overtake all. No one wants to be caught in a horrific situation where someone is being irresponsible while behind the wheel. Although many organizations like “Create Real Impact” are standing up to help make a difference, a new solution must be brought to the table. My solution involves getting into the law. Minor laws have been put into place to help lower statistics, but nothing has drastically changed since. Police should be enforcing the law at all times. As they stick out in hiding places checking for speeding cars, they should be putting an emphasis on texting while driving as well. School zones with teenagers and young adults are most popular to find these scenarios. Therefore, police should be watching for texting and driving near universities and high schools to show their seriousness. It may be a burden since they would be needing to add more persons on duty, but the outcome of a safer community for all is something that is worth all cost.