Catastrophe and Beauty

Sadie H

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Standing on the wet pavement, the youth gawk at the congregation. Parents shade the children. Officials disregard the friends and bystanders. Inevitable accident as some may speculate- however, this was a rather preventable account. Seatbelt fastened, hand on the wheel, correct speed limit, but what was missing? Scrutinizing eyes on the road ahead was the answer; an answer that baffles the young girl’s parents. The moment: misled by the danger of reading the shining cellular, approaching the calamity the would change her course for time to come. A young child watches as the injured girl is lifted and ushered into the back of a large white hospital wagon. An older girl sees the child’s eyes full of fear, and proceeds to shelter the young one’s view of the disaster. Months after: the young child’s mind is open to the collateral beauty of the teens traumatic occurrence. She sees the cautious faces of students when meeting the girl, and their reassurance of her surviving the incident. What a sad astonishment to see the youth is susceptible to the problem only when facing reality. People must reach out to one another on a basis where they can truly inform others of these dangers. Texting, calling, or even viewing an image can wait. It takes a few moments for that device to cause trauma unthinkable, but it may take a lifetime to recover from such an event. The young child understand the lesson that has come from this, and is grateful for the girl to be in this lifetime with her today. As the child smiles she assists the girl to speak with the children, and is thankful for her to be standing on her two feet, at this very moment.