Create Real Impact Scholarship Essay

John-Peter O

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Wouldn’t it be nice to be aware of an accident before it occurs? Technology has been used to advance healthcare, medical records, large enterprise infrastructure and software, and the automobile industry. What if we push the boundaries of technology to influence safe driving. Every automobile manufacturer should be able to install a chip in the automobiles main computer system; this chip should allow an owner to subscribe his/her, or their children, to an auto safety monitoring system for a very nominal fee. The monitoring system can track the movement of the subject automobile against current traffic patterns and road conditions in real time. If the car is traveling to fast or seems to be weaving against real-time traffic conditions, a signal can be sent to the automobile – causing the trigger of a very noticeable alarm, audio, or something to get the attention of the driver to focus and obey traffic and/or road conditions. As the driver corrects his/her driving, the triggered alarm is dismissed; clearly, this would minimize the 75% of fatal teen car crashes that are not related to drugs or alcohol. Additionally, automobile manufacturers can implement a control system that prevents the automobile from exceeding 35 mph if seats with a riding passenger do not have the seat belts fastened. This will help limit the known 50% of teenage lives lost due to not wearing a seatbelt. If the auto industry can institute these small and relatively inexpensive changes, this would certainly start the process of impacting reckless and distracted driving.