Please Wake Up

Jahdia F


Wake up Please Babygirl, please wake up Wake up last night, we fought she was angry with me she grabbed her keys, running out the door feeling enough was enough she rushed out of the driveway hysterically weeping steadily speeding for the rush thrill the escape of reality it changed Red she’d grown blind to her surroundings Stop she did not if only you weren’t speeding if only you didn’t believe escaping was the only way to live you’d still be alive you’d Still be Here Wake up Please Just wake up


This poem goes into a deeper level of a psychological reason as to why someone would be recklessly driving. It explores the hidden thoughts and situation of an argument that got out of hand resulting in the need for an escape, something to take one’s mind off of what’s happening around him or her. It’s important not to drive while angry or even sad because that could result in the harm of one’s self and others, and that is what this poem demonstrates.