Half Dead

Hayden H

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Half a tear begins to come down my face before it is wiped off with disgrace as I catch you with her, again. Heartache begins to fill my entire body with anguish as I make eye contact with you. I run to my car, turn the key in the ignition, and drive off, no time for a seatbelt. I receive a text from you saying, “You aren’t what I want anymore. You deserve better.” My eyes fill with puddles as they crash onto my lap, aimlessly, and my mind is going a mile a minute. I lose focus, my foot is heavy on the gas as I take both hands off the wheel, one to wipe my sobbing face and the other to text you back. I began to type, “But, you were my bett…” as I look up for a half second, but it’s too late. It all happened too fast: chaos, darkness, then nothing but white surrounds my entirety. Although I am gone, I am only half dead. One half is left dead in despair and sorrow believing she wasn’t good enough for the boy she saw everything in. The other half, is left with you. The half that will live within you forever as a burning culpability, molded in your soul, longing to be loved. This is the same half that will also rest inside you, covered in solace that only saw a perfect human. Half of me is gone, but the other half is never forgotten, as an innocent lover who blamed no one but herself in the midst of sabotage.