Decide Before You Drive

Bailey S



Impact Teen Drivers: Create Real Impact Bailey Smith – Weber High School – Utah This video opens up on a young teen driver having thoughts go through her head. She talks herself into picking up her phone and then gets in a wreck. It then reverses the video to show that the teenager can make the decision to not drive distracted before hand. You can’t undo a car wreck, so it’s important to make the decision before you hit the gas pedal. This video is titled as “Decide Before You Drive” with hopes of inspiring and educating teens about the dangers of distracting driving. To decide before you drive means that you are committing to not drive distracted. A strategy of silencing your phone, storing it our of sight, and placing it out of reach can help teens focus on the road and stay safe. I hope that this video is educational and helps viewers want to drive safer and more focused on the road. (All visual representations of distracted driving were completely safe, the car was not moving at those times.) Cast Teenage Driver: Bailey Smith Film Editor/creator/producer: Bailey Smith