1 Split Second

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1 split second can define the rest of your life. We play with this reality every time we step in our car Driving comes with very obvious, very high risks that we don’t always remember or realize. An easy commute can very quickly turn over into a life-changing injury or a fatal crash in just the matter of 1 split second. For the sake of convenience, we throw our lives into the balance every day Hurtling down the road at high speeds Just to reach destinations as efficiently as possible. And yet, the real risk that we could hit a car, a tree, a person or any number of other things has been quickly accepted and often pushed to the back of our mind. And there is a harsh reality that comes when we meet the consequences of these risks: Deaths on the road are not always universally mourned, Many times they are viewed as a nuisance to our morning commute. An inconvenience in our routine An inhibition of our own efficiency. But these inconveniences continue to cause massive pain. The losses of fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, and friends have occurred in just that split second. And these are risks that have come to be accepted. We still go on every day knowing full well what harm the simple act of driving may cause. But even after we have accepted the risk, we continue to go further. We text, we eat, we turn the radio up too high We turn our eyes to too many places that aren’t the road. We push that barrier even further and find ourselves closer and closer to that life-changing split second. We’ve pushed it so far that we have now gotten to the point where a quarter of all car crashes involve phone use. And why have we taken it so far? To read that text? To eat a bit of lunch? To find that one song you really like? All of these actions are seemingly inconsequential. We’ve all texted, eaten and thumbed with the radio a thousand times before and been fine It’s easy to justify by saying, “It will never happen to me” Whats another time? It’s all easy until that split second comes around, And life is changed forever. So the question then becomes, “Is it worth it?” Is the text, the song, the food worth the death, loss, and pain that can all happen in that split second? It’s not. Put it down.