Say NO to reckless driving and ACT

Marial B

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Car crashes are the number one killer of young people in America. I am a 16 year old who just recently got my drivers license in the state of PA. Many people don’t realize the dangers on the road. People may think that they are highly skilled drivers but you also have to be aware of the signs and signals of the dangers from other drivers. You share the road with other cars and you have to know how to react or how to take action if you are ever placed in a dangerous situation. The first thing Is that you should ALWAYS wear your seat belt. Also, you should be alert and aware of other drivers. When I say alert I mean eyes on the road at all times and moving your eyes to movement around you. People wreck not only because of other people or due to their own fault but also because of wildlife like deer. You must be alert at all times on the road. Make yourself comfortable while driving but not too comfortable. Too many people put their life on the line because they fall asleep at the wheel or lose control because they are texting. You don’t want to be too comfortable while driving that you may fall asleep. It’s unfortunate that there are reckless drivers on everyday roads and you probably encountered one today. You must go the speed limit and know your signs and signals. I can’t stress enough how important it is to STOP at a stop light, count to 5 and don’t do a rolling stop. Also, know when to turn right on red. There will be a sign that says no turn on red. If there isn’t a sign then you still have to look to see what other drivers are doing and then proceed. Don’t forget about your turn signals either because other drivers need to know your plans. There are so many solutions to reduce the number of reckless drivers on the road and change is going to happen now!