Your Few Seconds can be a Lifetime

Charles P



A moment to reapply makeup. A second to dig through your phone for your favorite playlist. A brief look down to answer a text. While you’re on the road, none of these things should take priority. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, at 55 miles per hour, a 5 second distraction takes your eyes off the road long enough to cover an entire football field. In those 5 seconds, anything could happen. And whatever does happen, your distraction will never be worth it. This poster was made to remind that any distraction could possibly impact a lifetime. So whatever it is, it can wait. If you’re going over 60 mph on the freeway, it can wait. If you’re driving 30 through a neighborhood at night, it can wait. If it’s important enough, you can take care of it when you’re not currently piloting a 4 ton speed machine. Phone down. Eyes up.