“For Heaven’s Sake” – distracted driving poem

Grace C

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I think it’s so bizarre. These people texting in their moving cars. It’s like they don’t even know It’s them who deliver the fatal blow To pedestrians and drivers alike And those unfortunate souls on their bikes I mean, I know it’s tempting To look at your phone When you’re out on the road But is that glance worth it If it prevents someone from growing old? 4000 teens lose their lives in crashes each year This is wholly unacceptable Do I make myself clear? Day or night It’s just not right But these cowards know they are out of sight About 11 teens die every day in collisions All because of impulsive decisions What is more important than a human life? For me at least, nothing comes to mind A heart stopped because you couldn’t look at the road What an awful, tragic, way to go Lives end because of distracted driving Shattered bumpers and loved ones crying How is it worth it? The answer is, it’s not Distracted driving has got to stop Would you do it if you knew it meant you would never see your parents again? That they would never see you again? Do you think you would still do it then? How about we all exercise the wonder that is patience Gosh I would be so incredibly gracious Hear that ring ring or buzz buzz and just take a breath Eyes on the road Give it a rest If it’s really that urgent Pull over you jerk It’s not rocket science And it’s a method that works Parents, teach your children Teens, teach your friends Then maybe these dangerous practices will come to an end Educate others with what you know Lead by example And the deaths will go Common sense Integrity Willpower Admirable things distracted drivers don’t possess Something that they have really ought to address To help them get started, we’ll give them some advice… The only thing you are supposed to do on the road is drive Because for heaven’s sake there are lives on the line!