Richard P


Hello. Hello you little screen. The one that consumes our eyes The one that makes us lose track of time The one that disengages us from the surrounding world Do you feel better about yourself Do you feel better that you play such a vital part in our lives Do you feel better when you cause us distraction Do you feel better putting us all in danger Do you feel better causing us pain Do you feel better being our downfall I have to ask if you are happy with yourself Are you happy Are you happy causing all those collisions Are you happy teaching children poor driving habits Are you happy ending too many lives too soon Are you happy leaving us heartbroken Are you happy leaving us with filled with regret and sorrow Are you happy with all you’ve done For too long you haven’t changed For too long you have controlled our lives For too long you have distracted us from what really matters For too long you have caused misery and guilt For too long you have taken lives For too long you have controlled our eyes For too long you have stolen our fingers For too long you have blinded us For too long you have been in control We are here to say no longer We are not your prisoner We are not your slaves We are not your hostages In fact We are your ruler We are boundless We are our own controller We are the ones to put you down We are the ones to break the chains on our hands We are free


This is a poem of how our phones distract us from reaching our full potential. How our phones distract us and out us in harm’s way. I wrote this poem to ultimately inspire others to drive undistracted in order to prevent the potential danger when driving distracted. I want to show that we are better than that, that we are stronger than a little electronic screen. That we are not bound to it. Even if this poem prevents only one person from distracted driving, it is worth it because that is one person I know I helped drive safer on a daily basis. One life in less risk. Another life less likely to be wasted on a stupid little screen.