It Can Wait

Katie N

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Stop! Why risk a life that was so gracefully brought upon this world with a rudimentary text message? A text you probably will forget exists the very next day. A life, however, leaves a mark, in which there are those who love and care about that special someone. This society of endless advancements has portrayed the same fairytale in many advertisements. “Get this phone, you’ll be so happy!” But what about in the end? Will you still be that exuberant as the slyly posed actors? By picking up a phone behind the wheel, you become the 49% and only growing. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself to face the consequence of being distracted by a meaningless message. However, there are ways to avoid distractions and reduce crashes as a whole. Many modern cars are installed with Bluetooth devices; thus, a driver’s phone can automatically be connected to the Bluetooth once they enter a car. This eliminates the need to manually connect the phone to the car’s Bluetooth which can be forgotten if in a rush. With the phone connected, a driver can still pick up a call, hear and answer a text, as well as avoid taking their eyes off the road. Or you can go more of the traditional route and not use the phone. Yes, it is that easy! When a driver mentally understands that no text or phone call is as important as staying concentrated on the road, then collisions can vastly decrease. Do not be part of a statistic, but a revolution of change.