What if you’d waited?

Grace H

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What if you’d waited? I just asked if you were on the way to my house. What if you texted “ya i’m coming” from the kitchen, instead of from the left lane in rush hour traffic? Maybe you would’ve seen that 18-wheeler blow a tire and skid. Maybe your car wouldn’t have flipped. Maybe we would have been late to the movie, but instead I’m late to your funeral. What if you’d waited? All of you. What if all of you had waited to reach for your phone in the parking lot, instead of on the highway? What if everyone who died from something as stupid as answering a text had lived? How many future engineers, pilots, teachers, presidents, heroes have died at the hands of that small black box? If you had just waited, maybe we’d know. What if you’d waited? How many minutes of your life did you lose by trying to save a minute by texting behind the wheel? How many memories are you now absent from? It’s so easy to forget to invite someone who’s dead. You’ll never see your graduation, wedding or baby shower. Never have kids or a career. Never have anything, all because of a text. Maybe if you’d waited, you would have lived.