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Buckle up, let’s go! Texting and teens, you’d think once in awhile they’d look up from their phones instead of bumping into that pole at school or tripping over that dog at home. It’s insatiable, really, keeping your nose in your phone. And for what? That next piece of juicy gossip? Reading the words, “I luv u babe,” from your sweetheart? How about, “Dinner at 6 tonite,” because mom got home early from work. Nothing changes when you’re behind the wheel driving either, those darn texts. Texts that literally have no real life changing meaning, just silly stupid stuff. If someone lands up in the hospital or grandma is deathly ill, do you really think you’ll hear about it in a text? People use phones too you know. In fact, they should probably use phones more often, and go back to the days where people actually TALK to one another. Which leads me to my first solution for reckless driving and being distracted: get yourself a BLUETOOTH radio so your car can answer the phone and you can talk hands free while driving. A call comes in, you push the phone button on your dashboard radio and wholaa, you’re talking and your hands are on the wheel. Okay? That’s one distracted driving problem solved, let’s get to the other: texting. Texting and driving, good lord. But hey, at least you’re buckled in your seat right? My mom always says, do you really want your book to end with a car crash because you were texting? You want someone else’s book to end that way? Don’t you want to see how your life turns out when you’re eighty? Oh but there’s that “ding” and several seconds later there’s that other “ding.” I just wanna look, I’ll just take my eyes off the road for a sec, just wanna see who it’s from, just this time. BANG!! SCREECH! BOOM!! It’s over. Well, it’s not exactly over for you, you were buckled, but it’s definitely over for that dad you crashed into who swerved to avoid your head on collision and hit a tree on the other side of the road instead. He was buckled up like you, but that tree was just too much for his small car. It’s over for his kid in the back seat too, you know, the one screaming and crying for daddy to wake up. SIRENS… it takes awhile, but they get there. The police come, question you, take your phone, bring you down to the station to investigate to find out if you were texting. Even if you try and lie, they find out. They can get into your phone, and they’ll find out. Guess what? YOU. ARE. BUSTED. AND A DAD IS DEAD. AND A KID FATHERLESS. AND A NEW WIDOW. You? You get some possible jail time and then guilt for the rest of your eighty years. GUILT. Oh, but there’s GOOD NEWS!! This never happened! YAY! All because you employed some handy strategy you picked up along the way. Don’t look at that phone while you’re diving, you remind yourself. There’s nothing worth picking up that phone for because if there was the person would have CALLED YOU on your hands free bluetooth radio you had installed. Keep the mantra going, do it daily, try it, it really works: DING – ignore until you get where you’re going. DING – not important DING – okay, can’t stand it, pull over into a parking lot, get off the freeway, find a side street and park. DING – you’re parked, text away! You did it! YOU SAVED LIVES TODAY!