One Moment

Kaitlynn S

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One moment Two texts Two lives stolen Three seconds left Three years to recover Three years less they had They were a sister, a daughter, a mother They were now passed It was tires screeching to a halt It was a music change of a song that you hated It was all your fault It was a text that could’ve waited To think of what they could’ve done To think they could’ve changed the world To think of what they could’ve become To think they could’ve cured the common cold A text ended their life A text distracted you from the road A text caused you to not see that they were braking in time A text caused their car to roll You could’ve not picked up your phone You could’ve waited a couple seconds longer You could’ve let that person return home You could’ve waited until you were at the shoulder Their family has now lost them Their family will never be the same Their family is now in mayhem Their family will cry in pain You caused their family to be broken You caused their family a funeral for someone too young You caused their heart to be ripped open You caused their family member to be flung You survived They didn’t You’re alive They were innocent You will have to live with that guilt You will have to live with that regret You will have to live with taking away a gift You will have to live with their death Don’t pick up your phone next time Don’t take away someone from the world Don’t change the song until the red light Don’t do what everyone else does, do what you’re told A text isn’t worth it A text isn’t worth the crime you can commit