I Love You Daddy

Jentrie J

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You said I was mature, Mature straight to the bone. You said I was mature daddy, So you went out and bought me a phone. You will be proud to know, That I wasn’t on my phone daddy. I couldn’t let you down and that you would know. You trusted me enough, But now my memory is muffed. His car hit me hard daddy. I don’t remember how. I’m trying to be tough daddy. Please get here now! Dad I can’t feel my body! I just wanted to live my dream. Now I won’t be able to play on the volleyball team. How could he do this to me daddy? How could he not know? That someone else’s life was in danger, Each time he picked up his phone. Where are you daddy? I’m starting to get scared. Did that kid know that he was driving impaired? Please tell him daddy, that it’s not his fault That my life is coming to a sudden halt. Where the heck are you? I want to say one last goodbye! Before I go away daddy and fly into the sky. There you are daddy, and I want you to know That I love you so much daddy One last hug before I go. Tell mom I love her too, Please don’t make the kid who hit me feel bad. And tell mom not to be sad. I see the road, The road where pain goes away. A straight and narrow pave, I see it now daddy Tell sissy to be brave. Please tell other people, please spread the word To put their phones away, So other lives can be saved. This could have been prevented! If he didn’t have his phone, I didn’t know this morning would be the last time I’d be home. The years are full of lasts, Please don’t let them slip past. Just put your phones away, Save a life and live another day. The pain is slowly going away daddy, I see myself lying on the ground. The EMT is yelling but I don’t hear a sound. You and mom are hugging, Please hug tight. The sun is setting now, As I finish my final fight. I had a big dream, Since I can’t play on my team I will watch over them from above. Please remember daddy, You called me your little dove. I know you will always win the fight Even though today I couldn’t Don’t ever say that you wouldn’t. I love you so much and I know you love me. Please know I’m always there being your little guide. I know sometimes everyone falls, Just please don’t try to hide. The facts are he was on his phone And now I’m the one who will die. Saying I love you in person Is better than saying it in a text. Because tomorrow I won’t be here, that day or the next. But please don’t worry daddy, There is nothing to fear. Now I’m completely safe. I love you today, tomorrow, and forever. And It won’t be long until we meet again.