Remember When?

Madalyn H

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Remember when I took my first breath? How amazing it must have seemed in that moment. Such a colossal feat by something so miniscule. Remember when I took my first step? One tiny foot in front of the other in those sparkly pink shoes. Those shoes that would take me on countless journeys. Remember when I rode a bike for the first time? How I kept chanting over and over “Don’t let go!”. Eventually I was able to ride without fear, without falling. Remember this morning when I told you goodbye? How we didn’t think it would be the last time. I was so excited for my Senior year of high school. Now I’m driving toward school, cursing the traffick that’s causing me to be late. It’s almost 8:00, and I’m still stuck behind this yellow Neon, barely going 45. The music blares through the speakers, so much for enjoying my first day back. My phone chimes on the seat beside me and I know I shouldn’t… But it’s already 8:05 and I’m barely going 50… As I read, I periodically look up to the road, still within my lines. Everything’s good, except the fact that I’m late and this yellow Neon won’t speed up. Now I’m trying to text back… On my way.. A little la— Mom? Dad? I can see the yellow Neon, tires up in the air, all four spinning. I can see the girl laying there on the pavement, sprawled out. I recognize her, she’s from my class… Now I can hear the sirens, See the red and blue lights, casting obscene shadows across the wet ground. Was it raining out before? I’m laying on my side in the grass next to the road. They keep telling me it’s going to be okay, but I know it’s not. That girl isn’t moving, the music from my car is barely a whisper now. Remember when I sat behind the wheel for the first time? Told you that I was going to be alright? When I promised to always be safe driving? I’m sorry Mom and Dad, I broke my promise and something horrible happened. I should have never picked up that phone that day. Now I can feel things fading out… The music slowing becoming quieter… My toes are becoming numb and I can’t feel my fingers anymore. They tell me that it’ll be okay, As long as I keep fighting. But how am I going to fight knowing that my decision to pick up my phone caused the death of another student? Another Senior on her first day back? Remember when I told you I loved you that morning? Remember when I thought today was going to be the best day ever? Senior year is supposed to be amazing right? Now they’re hanging up our pictures, Congratulating students on a year well done. The flowers are blooming, but Mom and Dad, I’m sorry I couldn’t be here to bloom with them…