Jessica’s Story

Katherine M

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She’s so beautiful A heart of gold So much going for her A world unknown waiting to unfold People to meet Places to be Living life together, engaging To be in good company The ups and downs Around the bend To meet another friend Surely her story is not about to end Head in the clouds Not a care in the world A family at home Deep in their hearts she resides Each life means something Unique, has a purpose No one else can fulfill Only she will fulfill her own Calling, to be a mom And a friend to many Loving and kind Yet not blind to hurt Holds steadfast to her beliefs Oh she is so sweet Stays true to herself Yes, there is so much going for her One day As she’s on her way To the other side of town Music blasting An important date Can’t be late Or so she believes, cant wait Impatient to get there Urgency screams Drive a little faster 15, 20 miles over Passing cars left and right Need for speed Oh no still not going to make it Won’t be on time What if they think she’s irresponsible? Better give them a call Just send a quick text Let them know what happened That she’s on her way Why she will be late Pulls out her phone She just needs to let them know Glancing down, up, and down again All the times she’s done it She’s been fine Still in one piece She can drive a bit distracted “Hey, it’s Jessica I wanted to let ya Know I’m on my way, So sorry to keep you waiting” Check over the message All void of typos Goes to press send Looking down at just the wrong time While driving so fast She didn’t know it would end up in a crash Wouldn’t have thought it would happen to her Nope not me! Because she has a future Should have pulled over Or called before she left Slowed down Operated at the speed limit Bystanders saw it happen In less that a second Precious life came to an end Just like that Car crushed Upside down Spun around Again and again Who could have survived? Such a mess Beyond repair Can’t go back Can’t fix what has happened Go back to the past Make a different decision Now so many people feel broken Loved ones lost Hearts so hurt Grieving and all alone Future stolen in the blink of an eye Remember her story next time you drive Don’t let one bad decision take your life Drive safe Drive alert