Phones Are a Tool

Phillip B

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Phones are a tool and phones are everywhere. Nowadays everyone, even little children, have a phone. They give us games to get addicted to and access to information at the touch of a button on the screen. They allow us to talk to family members and friends right next to us or half way across the world. They connect us and allow us to be able to work and talk with anyone who has access to a phone. Phones are a tool. They give us entertainment from season and seasons of hundreds of shows on Netflix or a funny video of a dog playing with a ball. They give us access to heartwarming photos of a newborn baby meeting her big brother for the first time or the many selfies that someone thought the world should be able to see. They give people access to all different kinds of music that artists want people to hear from country music to hardcore rock. Phones are a tool that can allow anyone with one to be able to enjoy and see memories and everything the world has to offer. If phones are a tool, why can using one while driving make them become a weapon and take all those heartwarming feelings and close connections go away in the blink of an eye?