Distracting Driving

Denisse V

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Now teenagers and including adults use the phone while driving and that is one of the most problems now because people have been getting into bad car accidents even causing death. Now when people drive they say i wont use my phone but as soon as they hear the phone ring because of a text message they get tempted and they take out out of the purse or pockets and that when they start reading the text message and when they start to type it they take their eyes out of the road and in a blink of eyes they end up crashing the car in front of them not knowing that the car might had kids and they end up getting hurt or they cause the death of an innocent person. A strategy I use to prevent distracting driving is by turning off my phone and pretend that i dont have a phone. That could be a good strategy to turn off phones when we are about to drive and let others know that you are about to drive and you will be turning off the phone.