Temporary Hi’s and Forever Goodbyes

Caleb P

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I remember you. Your face, your voice. Not cause it was usual but unique. Unique like the way you’d squeeze my hands 3 times in the back of a taxi. Unique like the way when I made you mad you’d just say “sigh.” Or the way we promised we’d forever say “Hi.” But your choices changed that. Your desire to be cool changed that- Recording yourself driving on snap. Your desire to not care changed that- Texting your friends on snap. You not wearing a seatbelt changed that …that’s right a seatbelt changed that. But that can’t be right … you signed the petitions outside of school. But this can be right. Police came, you put it on. Family came, you put it on. When I came, you didn’t put it on. A sign you didn’t value your life, or mine. Or a sign you didn’t value the family’s life in front of us. The air bag busted… The horn blaring loudly… Windows shattered just like the cracks in my heart. What do I tell the family to end their strife? What do I tell myself as to why you were speeding so high? What do I tell your mom what happened to her own son Blythe? “Why did I yell at him!?” she cried with contrite. What do I tell your dad what happened to his own son Blythe? As he cried “I told him texting and driving slows reaction time…” But you just chalked up his words to lies. The risk of your life, was it the price? New Year’s Day playing in the background was so sublime, But I told you to put your phone down 3 times- Don’t text and drive, don’t text and drive, don’t text and drive. But now all I can do is cry. To my next lover… To the next driver… Put on your seatbelt. Graduation is around the corner- A corner that so many turn sharply and loss a life. College is down the street- A street that so many sped down and loss their sight forever. Your kids are in the future- A future you failed to see because you had to say goodbye. So give other people and yourself a chance at life By stop speeding, and distracting And oh … putting your seatbelt on.