One Late Night

Justo O

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It was a late night. Breathe. Just wanted to be home. Keys. Car. Long day at work today. Open. Door. Shut. Tossed bag to the side. Phone. Buzz. Engine. On. The car lurched forward fast. Blinker. Breathe. Yawn. Look. Turn. 15 more minutes to go. Freeway. Speed. Increase. Yawn. Buzz. Phone. Ignore the phone buzzing now. Glance. Attention. Buzz. Concentrate. Blinker. Glance. Exit. Concentrate on the road ahead. Yawn. Buzz. Phone. Glance. Neighborhood. Blinker. Turn. Swerve. Got to stay in control. Yawn. Rub. Stretch. Tired. Buzz. Glance. Phone. Radio. Loud. Forget to use the blinker. Turn. Fast. Uncontrolled. Help. Swerve. Reflex. Spin. Jerk. Brake. Skid. Didn’t see the family crossing. Hit. Crash. Thrown. Airbag. Buzz. Screams. Crying. Blood. Shame. Hurt. Shouldn’t have checked my phone, Now it’s my fault. Shouldn’t have turned up the music. Never will be forgiven. Shouldn’t have been distracted. Now they are dead.